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FDA-Approved Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are the perfect, low-cost sugar substitute for manufacturers, and at Jinhe USA LLC in Chicago, Illinois, we have the perfect selection of no-calorie sweeteners. Whether you need small packets, bottles, or boxes of sugar products, we customize your order to fit your needs.


As the largest producers of Acesulfame Potassium in the world, Jinhe USA LLC not only carry Ace-K, Aspartame, Sucralose and any other sweeteners and food additives as our clients reuqested.


This product, colloquially known as Ace-K, is a calorie-free sugar substitute. It has a similar taste to sucrose, but with higher sweetness (200 times sweeter than sucrose). Ace-k has an amazing synergistic effect and high stability under a variety of conditions (within solutions of pH 2-10 and up to 225). The guaranteed product quality, long shelf life and reduced production cost make this FDA approved sweetener in high demand. Ace-K has immense applications, with its utilization in production ranging from foods to pharmaceutical drugs to cosmetic goods. 

Chewing Gum


Like Ace-K, Sucralose is a high intensity, zero-calorie sweetner that maintains incredible stability under a range of pH and temperature conditions. Sucralose has wide-ranging usage in food and beverage products. It’s often used in products designed for diabetics (and non-diabetics), to allow enhanced sweetness without disrupting insulin levels or causing adverse effects of sugar or HFCS consumption. Given its superior taste profile, this FDA-approved sweetener has been experiencing prominent commercial success, and the number of products created containing sucralose each year is in exponential increase.

Putting Sweetner in Coffee

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