Study Confirms No Cancer Link for Sucralose

Study Confirms No Cancer Link for Sucralose

A comprehensive review of studies testing the safety and carcinogenicity of sucralose has confirmed that the artificial sweetener does not cause cancer and is safe to ingest. The new article has been published in Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal.

“This latest review of sucralose studies should reassure those who choose sucralose, and can be particularly useful to scientists and healthcare professionals, who may be asked for information on low calorie sweetener safety,” says lead author of the study, Dr. Sir Colin Berry, Emeritus professor of pathology at the University of London.

Sir Berry and his research team carried out a review of studies assessing sucralose carcinogenicity potential and placed them in context of the types of studies relied upon by national and international regulatory agencies to make recommendations on the safety of new food ingredients. These studies are designed to maximize the possibility of detecting potentially adverse effects, and as such, adverse outcomes are expected to occur at some point.

SOURCE: Food Ingredients First